Winning formulas for retail

Right now there is a new battle. The battle to win back the customer to the retail store experience. Online shopping is changing the way we browse and hand over our cash. It seems that many shoppers have had enough of the lack or expense of parking and scarce service and would rather wait for a package gifted to themselves via the mail.

There will always be shops of the bricks and mortar kind. But the shopping experience needs to change and provide value to the customer. Retailers will need to be certain of their brand, what it stands for and the experience it will provide. Particularly in fashion retailing, customers desire a 3D sensory experience.

Last week I attended a seminar (Artichoke Night School- Interiors for Fashion), exploring the ingredients to create great spaces that reflect the brand experience for fashion retailers. This is a topic so close to my heart as my passion is for developing brands through brandmark identity and the brand experience through interior design.

These are some of the important ingredients I gleaned from the session.

  1. Understand the brand. What does it stand for and reason for being?
  2. Design for store flow and merchandisecategories.
  3. Plan for future flexibility, seasonal requirements and visual merchandising.
  4. The interior design should transcend fashion and reflect the soul of the brand.
  5. Ensure a synergy between online and physical store spaces. They should work together.

Style Precinct is a multidiscipline design practice focussed on developing successful outcomes for developing brands and spaces they inhabit.


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