Express your brand personality

Developing a powerful brand is an important business tool to make you stand out against your competitors, build customer loyalty and sales results. An important aspect in creating your brand is to develop a brand personality. Personality puts ‘flesh on the bones’ of your business idea making ‘human’ to your target market.

Brand personality maps out how you talk to and treat your customers. I like to think about it in terms of what kind of voice does your person have. Is it fun, sexy or serious, and translate this tone of voice in your written communications.  What kind of personal attention do you provide and what do customers expect from you. Develop your action plan for when and how you will respond to enquiries and service problems. Defining a personality enables even the most boring products to become more interesting and a business that is in a crowded market with similar offerings to differentiate itself in a more appealing way.

Here are my top tips for defining your brand personality:

  1. Be sincere, truthful about who you are, what you do and why the customer should choose you.
  2. Brainstorm and write down words that describe what your customers first impressions of your brand should be. Here is an example of one I developed for BBQ on Q : modern, shiny, clean, designer, advanced, elite, luxury, pleasure, steel, stone, outdoor, alfresco entertaining, ultimate ,premium quality, endurance, skill, clever, unique, good-looking, architectural, valuable, asset, cocktails, technology, Australian, reliable, streamlined, stylish, relaxation, successful, professional  
    Note: I encourage you to take special note of the emotional connections you want to develop. Remember emotional values are the key to powerful brands.
  3. Look at your competition. Are you too similar? Choose a different angle and improve on the value to the customer from what the competition is offering.
  4. Visualise your brand as a person. Use the words you have brainstormed to build a profile of your personality. What age, sex, education, music liked, behaviour- cheeky, funny, serious, story to be told, colours and fashions will your brand project?
  5. Build a mood board to complete the profile. In the same way an interior designer puts together a moodboard to show a concept, bring all the aspects and inspirations together with cuttings, pictures, colour swatches, type styles, logos etc. Include images of your demographic or alternatively a picture of a personality/celebrity.

    creating brand personality moodboard

    Gather all your colour swatches, images, style notes, words etc together to form the personality of your brand.

  6. Brand personality goes hand in hand with brand positioning and the brand promise. Make sure they work together in harmony.

Noni Edmunds is the Director of Style Precinct- a design consultancy providing all the essential elements to build strong brands including, graphic design, copywriting and interior styling.

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