Golden rules for a compelling brand story

A struggle to achieve ultimate success, a lucky break, a chance encounter, a compassionate selfless helper or sheer guts to hang one’s neck out and try something different is a story hard to resist. Any one of these stories is engaging, emotional, memorable and something we identity with. Every business has its own unique story and way it operates. The ‘brand story’ is a powerful way to connect with your potential customers and make your business memorable in the marketplace.

Recently I watched the Lifetime movie,  Coco Chanel – a true’ rags to riches’ story. We all know of the Chanel brand and its associations with luxury, elegance and glamour. But this is a world away from the desperate up-bringing as a child in an orphanage and the poverty and hardship Gabrielle Chanel endured to become successful. Even when Chanel was a successful brand there were disappointments and disastrous new collection launches. Coco was able to reinvent herself with passion for her work and perseverance. The Chanel brand is much more relevant than a luxury clothing and accessories business when we know the personal story of the brand!

Chanel no 5 parfum

The signature scent for Chanel. The No. 5 fragrance is known as a brand in its own right.


Here are my ‘golden’ rules for communicating your brand story:

  1. Make it worth telling and relevant to your reader.  Place yourself in the shoes of the reader – Why should you care?  What does the customer need from you? Your message  should convey who you are, what you do and why they should do it with you.
  2. Have a strong ‘human’ dimension,  be true and honest. Manufactured stories won’t work!
  3. Tell something of interest, unusual or something helpful for your readers and relevant to the business promise you provide.
  4. Be in character. Don’t try to be something you are not. Use language and tone of voice suitable for your corporate identity.
  5. Be consistent with you brand ‘voice’ across the business from customer service, tweets, website content, print material and more.

Style Precinct is a design  consultancy helping businesses discover their brand stories. Style Precinct writes, designs and styles the essential elements to build a strong brand.


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